Happy new year!

We want to wish you a happy new year and express our gratitude to all who supported us in 2017, it has truly been a remarkable and busy year! 2018 will, however, be even busier with six new titles and a lot of other projects in the making. We are very excited about this and hope you’ll join us on this amazing journey!

See you all in 2018!

“Bundle 2017” available in the store

The wait is over! Last Friday we got the last two books from the printing plant and we’ve prepared a nice bundle with all three titles. The bundle is currently available in the store at $32 a piece incl P&P worldwide.

“Der gliklekher mentsh” by Kobi Weitzner

We are proud to announce that we will release the beautiful story “Der gliklekher mentsh” (The happy man”) by acknowledged yiddishist Kobi Weitzner next summer.

Stay tuned for more news!

Two new books out today!

We are proud to present two new books out on Olniansky Tekst Farlag. “Di anatomye mit Alef un Beys” sees the return of our adorable “os-mentshlekh” Alef and Beys as they explore the human anatomy. “Der krolik der kosmonoyt” is a rhyming book about a small rabbit who embarks on a big adventure in outer space.

Visit the store to get your copy!