Announcement: Arum der velt mit Alef un Beys

We are proud to announce the third title in our Alef un Beys series: “Arum der velt mit Alef un Beys”. The book, set to be published on January 31, follows the two “os-mentshlekh” on a pedagogical journey around the world. A great first introduction to geography in mame-loshn.

Coming soon: Der Hobit

In early 2019 we will publish a luxurious hardback edition of Barry Goldstein’s translation of The Hobbit. New amazing cover art by Marta Leonhardt @ Leonhardt Illustration

Yidishland – New litterary journal


We are very proud and excited to play a part in the publication of the brand new journal – “Yidishland”. An independent litterary journal, edited by the highly esteemed Yiddish writers Michael Felsenbaum and Velvl Chernin. Stay tuned for more news and store updates!

New bundle in store

Yesterday we sold our last copy of “Der krolik der kosmonoyt”. Thus, we also had to take down the “special bundle” from the shop. In its Place we have added the “Bundle ‘far di same yingste'” including the new book “Hintern gardin” as well as “Di frukhtn” and “Bahelterlekh mit Alef un Beys”.