Two new books out today!

We are proud to present two new books out on Olniansky Tekst Farlag. “Di anatomye mit Alef un Beys” sees the return of our adorable “os-mentshlekh” Alef and Beys as they explore the human anatomy. “Der krolik der kosmonoyt” is a rhyming book about a small rabbit who embarks on a big adventure in outer space.

Visit the store to get your copy!

Pre-order “Di Frukhtn”

We just got the latest addition to our catalogue “Di frukhtn – a yiddish bikhl far di same yingste” from the printing plant. This is a 12-paged board book with colourful photos of fruits and is intended for the very youngest children. You can pre-order it at a discounted price by visiting our facebook page.

Three new books in December

Get ready for three new yiddish children’s books this December! Between the 18th and the 22th of December we’ll release the following titles:

+ Di frukhtn

+ Di anatomye mit Alef un Beys

+ Der krolik der kosmonoyt


Stay tuned for mor news!

Bahelterlekh mit Alef un Beys as e-book

“Bahelterlekh mit Alef un Beys” is now available as e-book. You can get it at amazon by following this link. Swedish customers should be able to find it in most online stores. Enjoy!