New publications

Our new publications are available on the Swedish market and in our store for international orders.

+ Der lunder vunder – A marvelous adventure from the 19th century Jewish quarters of Lund, Sweden. A 70 page chapter book by Niklas Olniansky. Edited by the esteemed Yiddish expert Michael Felsenbaum. Magnificent heymish cover artwork by Emma Olausson.

+ Der gliklekher mentsh – A traditional Yiddish tale by renowned yiddishist Kobi Weitzner z”l, beautifully illustrated by the Swedish artist Linda Siewert. A king embarks on a quest for happiness for his only daughter and finds that he has been looking in all the wrong places.

+ Hintern gardin in a yidisher heym – The second book of our series “a yiddish bikhl far di same yingste”. A colorful “point and learn” picture book with a yiddishn tam! What’s behind the curtain? It appears there’s everything from challah bread to a shofar.